Our Marketplace

A division of DELGATTO, I Do Now I Don’t (IDNID), is the leading online consumer-to-consumer Marketplace for both the purchase and sale of diamonds, jewelry, and watches. By providing a secure platform and simple process, the Marketplace allows sellers to present their items to tens of thousands of consumers directly, which in turn, provides buyers with unparalleled access to one of the largest, constantly updated collections of secondhand jewelry worldwide. Sellers can receive a much higher price than any diamond or local jeweler or retailer can pay, while buyers on our Marketplace can purchase fully vetted jewelry at prices well below retail. This unique dynamic allows I Do Now I Don’t to provide a level of value that is otherwise impossible within the jewelry industry..

A critically important element is the sImple 15% seller’s commission that IDNID receives on all successful Marketplace transactions. Jewelry buyers have an adversarial relationship with the seller; the lower price they pay, the higher profit they receive. Additionally, auction houses have numerous fees and a higher commission structure, even if the item does not sell. With the IDNID’s commission structure it’s the opposite, they only benefit when the seller does.

IDNID also offers an Immediate Estimate service, that is accessible online, in-person and via text message. When listing on the Marketplace, clients can request a Suggested Listing Price, which is very helpful when sellers are not sure what price to list their item for. Clients additionally have the opportunity to request a Direct Offer from IDNID, which is an offer for immediate payment, with no commission attached.

Lastly, if you are a buyer and can’t find what you are looking for, I Do Now I Don’t offers a Concierge Service dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect item.

I Do Now I Don’t is designed to ensure maximum value, and complete transparency, all while providing its clients with unprecedented security and ease of use.

** Please note, all items purchased are first verified for authenticity by IDNID’s expert team of GIA Graduate Gemologists.**