DELGATTO gives you two distinct options to attain maximum value for any diamonds, jewelry or watches you might be looking to sell. One option is to list your pieces on our online Marketplace,, the leading consumer-to-consumer platform for the resale and purchase of previously owned jewelry. The Marketplace exposes your item(s) to tens of thousands of consumers immediately, and enables you to receive more money for your items than you would by selling to any industry buyer. Second, is the option to sell to DELGATTO directly for immediate payment. Our industry knowledge, history and market leverage, equip us with the ability to pay more for your items than any other buyer. We have longstanding relationships with top collectors, and jewelry lovers around the world, granting us demand for all items, no matter how large or small.



You can do this via text, email, phone or In-person at our flagship location just steps from the Cartier Mansion on 52nd street between 5th and Madison avenues. Sellers will be given two estimates one for immediate payment, and another that is a suggested listing price for our online Marketplace, I Do Now I Don’t.



Once estimates have been received, sellers have the option to decide between a Direct Offer, listing on I Do Now I Don’t Marketplace, or a combination of both. For those who choose a Direct Offer, we invite you to visit us at our office, schedule a home-visit or send your item(s) to us with a prepaid, insured, overnight shipping label, courtesy of DELGATTO. The same day your item arrives, our team of gemologists will examine your item, and we will present you with an offer. Alternatively, if you choose the I Do Now I Don’t Marketplace, you can list your item(s) remotely, via a phone or laptop. If preferred, you may request a prepaid shipping label, and we will list your item for you free of charge.



Direct Offer – Once you accept an offer from us either In-person or remotely, we will issue a check immediately.

Marketplace – As soon as your item(s) has sold on our Marketplace you will receive an email confirmation. If you have already sent your item to our office, we will send you a check immediately. If you have listed your item(s) remotely, you have 7 days to ship them to us. As soon as the item arrives, and is verified for authentication, we will send you a check. There is a standard 15% commission on all Marketplace sales up to $100,000 and 10% from $101,000 and up.

*Many clients choose to first try listing on the Marketplace for a duration of either 7, 14, 21, or 30 days. If the item is not sold at the conclusion of their chosen cycle, they can accept a previously agreed upon Direct Offer.