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I Do Now I Don'ts Marketplace is a completely secure
platform for buyers and sellers of diamonds, jewelry & watches.

Online listing & Direct offer


Create Account

You need to create an account. Registering to list an item on our Marketplace is FREE. Only if the item is sold will you be charged a commission.
If you are not sure what price to list your piece for, you can request a suggested listing price: While listing, click the guaranteed offer box or email an expert IDNID buyer with a brief description at One of our buyers will call you back with an estimate for your item(s).


List Your Item

Sellers will be given two estimates one for immediate payment, and another that is a suggested listing price for our online Marketplace, I Do Now I Don't. Once items have been listed, sellers can choose between the Direct Offer, Listing or combination of both.

If you choose to list, each new listing will automatically expire after 30 days. If your piece has not sold during the 30 day period, you can renew your listing FREE of charge.


Check Your E-Mail for Offers

Remember to regularly check your e-mail for offers or questions from prospective buyers.

As soon as your item(s) has sold on our Marketplace you will receive an email confirmation.

Please be aware that facilitating transactions with Buyers or Sellers outside of the secure IDNID platform may result in fraud.

Receive Payment

If you have already sent your item to our office, we will send you a check immediately. If you have listed your item(s) remotely, you have 7 days to ship them to us. As soon as the item arrives, and is verified for authentication, we will send you a check.

We only have ONE official mailing address:

I Do Now I Dont
16 East 52nd Street Suite 702
New York, NY 10022

Attain Higher Value & Receive Direct Offer

List Your Item now

Seller commissions


Item sale price between

$500 - $5,000


Item sale price between

$5,001 - $10,000


Item sale price between

$10,001 - $50,000


Item sale price

$50,000 +


VIP Services


Why choose us?

DELGATTO IDoNowIDont The RealReal True Facet Traditional Auction Houses
Selling Process Timeframe

Direct Offer- Immediate

IDNID Marketplace-1-2 weeks on average

Typically takes 10-15 days just to have your item listed. This time doesn't include the sale of your item.

True Facet requires that you allow them 180 days to sell your item

Typically 3-4 month average

Accepted Items or Eligible Items

All types of jewelry, diamonds, watches

Contemp. signed pieces only and items < 10 years old.

Mainly branded/signed pieces

Typically very high end pieces only


Direct Offer and Marketplace

Marketplace only

Marketplace only

Auction Only

Third Party Appraisal

Included with Purchase

Who Determines Price?

Direct Offer (Us)

Marketplace- Seller (You)

The RealReal

True Facet

Auction House

Commission Fee





Direct Offer Option

Payment Timeframe For Seller

5-7 days after IDNID Marketplace verification or Immediate Payment Option

The RealReal processes payments ONLY on the 15th of every month for items sold from the first day through the last day of the previous month.

Payments are sent via check or PayPal on the 1st and 15th of the month

A month after items sells

Unprecedented value

Listing is Free

There is no charge for listing your item on the IDNID Marketplace. Sellers pay a commission on the sale price only if the item is sold. If the item does not sell during the 30 day Marketplace cycle, you can re-list your item free of charge.


Typically sellers receive between 50-75% of the retail price for their item. Far better than retailers, Diamond or Jewelry Buyers, Auction Houses, or Pawn Shops can pay.


We ship to buyers fully insured by UPS Two-Day Service. This also means no deliveries on Saturday or Sunday and delivery to P.O. Boxes.

“Enabling consumers to buy and sell diamond rings and other jewelry on the web, cutting out the middlemen and their markups.”


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